“Forest Mania” International Environmental Lesson
For 6–18 Year-Old Students
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We invite you to join the “Forest Mania” project and conduct an interesting and useful interactive lesson in your class!
Your students will gain new knowledge about forests and the problem of deforestation, while at the same time, drawing on the example of forests, they will be introduced to the concept of responsible consumption.
The goal of the lesson is to promote careful attitude towards forests among students, as well as to teach them the basics of responsible choice-making and rational  use of wooden products.
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0000 teachers are already participating
Join our lesson and experience real “Forest Mania”!
Старт проекта приурочен к Российским дням леса, которые ежегодно отмечаются 15–17 сентября.
The “Forest Mania” lesson can be given in any class!
Special sets of materials have been developed for different age groups to make the lesson interesting and memorable for students of all ages.
During the lesson, the primary school students are going to undertake an investigation together with the famous forest detective Sherlock Elk: the children are going to need to find out why forests are disappearing and how we influence this process. The lesson relies on role-playing as an effective tool for the children to learn how to use wood rationally and how to achieve ‘Forest Balance’. The students are even going to prepare an issue of the Forest News Sheet.

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The junior high school students are going to learn about the problems posed by unreasonable utilization of forests and find out what ‘responsible forest management’ is. After the introductory part in class, the students are going to need to go to a specially created webpage to complete a number of online tasks with the help of the informative animated videos prepared for them.

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The senior high school students are going to participate in an exciting quest with practice-oriented tasks, whereby they are going to learn why we need forests, what important functions trees carry out in natural and urban environments, and what simple actions each of us can perform to help save trees.

Conduct a lesson
Once registered, you are going to receive access to three sets of lesson materials: for primary, junior high and senior high school students.
The sets of materials to prepare for the lesson and use in class include:
Bright-colored presentations supplemented by detailed comments for each slide for the teacher’s perusal.
Methodological guides and videos with detailed instructions for the teacher on how to give this lesson in class.
Handouts and instructions for the students on how to complete the interactive tasks.
Online tasks and a series of educational videos for the junior and senior high school students.
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Organize a fascinating lesson in your class (take photos during the lesson) and tell your colleagues about it.
Send us your feedback along with the photos you take during the lesson, and receive a personal diploma for your participation in this international project and a letter of gratitude for your school.
We invite volunteers, parents and all the people who care to participate in this project!
Once registered, you can also download the materials to conduct this lesson and receive a letter of gratitude from the project!
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Do you know that:
Every year, one class spends on average 1,500 kg of paper. Meanwhile, by collecting waste paper and having it recycled, we reduce emissions of harmful substances from industrial plants and factories by 74%.
In more than 95% of cases, forest fires are caused by humans.
If you see the FSC mark on the packaging of goods, it means that the wood used to make these items was harvested legally, and the manufacturer is doing everything in its power to preserve and restore forests.